Garden & Farm Utility Cart Giveaway from Ace Hardware


A few years ago we inherited an old wood wagon that looked better than it performed. It broke after using it to transport some sod and we’ve been looking for a capable utility cart that could handle whatever we threw at it. Enter the Garden and Farm Utility Cart from Ace Hardware.


You can order the cart online but Ace Hardware provided this one for us to review. It arrived in a flat box so there is some assembly required. It only took a couple wrenches and about half an hour to get the wagon up and rolling.

Everything on this wagon is sturdy and we have no doubt it can handle the 750 lb. load that it’s rated it. The entire cart is built of steel. From the steel wheels and axles to the metal cart and enclosure. There is nothing to break on this cart and the oversized pneumatic tires provide an extremely stable base that makes pulling and turning a cinch.


It also comes with a sliding steel tray that we found helpful when transporting pots and gardening. It can be easily removed when you need access to the entire cart for loading firewood or sandbags.

The sides all fold down if you need easier access to the cart or when carrying odd-sized objects and they can also be removed if necessary using the attached cotter pins.


As a bonus feature our two-year old son loves riding in it and I’m afraid he’s taken to it more than his Radio Flyer wagon, but I don’t blame him. It’s so much cooler!

You can check out this cart at your local Ace Hardware and you can also purchase it online on the Ace Hardware website.

ace-hardware-blogger We’re also happy to announced a new partnership with Ace Hardware. They’ve pulled together a group of their favorite bloggers including me and we’ll be sharing some of our favorite products that you can find at Ace Hardware as well as some do-it-yourself projects that Ace Hardware can help you with.

Back to the cart.

Do you love it? Can’t live with out it? Leave us a comment below sharing how you would use it and we’ll have Ace Hardware send it to one lucky winner. Thanks Ace!


[box type=”shadow”] Disclosure: Ace Hardware provided the garden cart to Charles & Hudson for review. They do not tell bloggers what to say about their products or how to say it. Ace Hardware’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.[/box]

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  • Larryg

    This would be so useful around by garden!

  • Cardell

    Yes please – I’ve got some junk to move

  • Mya

    My four boys would love this

  • RichardDarling

    Can it hold some bricks? If so I’m in.

  • tannawings

    Gosh I would use it to tote bags of soil, firewood for the garage, produce from the garden (tons of tomtoes) and lots of other things! This would be so fun and practical to use and plus it is so cute and would make any job fun!

    I follow you on facebook as ellen beck

  • John Benson

    Wow–looks great. I’d haul pavers, logs, and bags of yard waste all the time with this cart.

  • Lynette Manteau

    I am a soapmaker here in Philadelphia. I live within walking distance to the Reading Terminal Market where I have my shop. I have a hand truck with a Rubbermaid tote box attached to it. I walk it to work with the new day’s soaps in it. The wagon would be so much cooler, better, more practical.

  • stevececil

    From hauling garden supplies to car parts to tailgating and toting around all the treasures found at the vintage market.

  • Duane Kriebel

    Fire wood, plants, name it, I’d haul it.


    Wow, we could use this for bringing in firewood, hauling feed to the farm animals, working in teh garden, and giving sweet little girls rides around the farm on occasion. 🙂

  • Janis

    I have some large rocks that need to be moved. This would be soooo awesome!

  • John Best

    I would use it as a off road welding cart. It’s big enough to hold my welder as well tools and gear. I work in rough areas sometimes and normal welding carts can’t hang. And practically just fall apart.

  • Heather Campbell

    We built a garden this year so my four year old could grow her own vegetables and flowers. I have always had a clunky old wheel barrow to push back and forth from shed to garden, and garden to house, but my darling daughter isn’t strong enough, nor tall enough to lift and push the thing. She was so proud of what she grew that she wanted to be able to present it to her Daddy by moving her bounty of baby pumpkins and tomatoes, by herself (like a big girl). A wagon cart like this would be so helpful, not only for moving our fire wood to the house, but for our little princess to pull joyfully as she works and plays with her mom in the garden.

  • KwBob

    When its not moving plants and gardening items around it will be hauling in my groceries and giving my grandson a ride during my walks.

  • NatalyaR

    I’ve been wanting one of these for a while…between hauling firewood, vegetables from the garden and maybe towing around my niece and nephew, it would get a lot of use!

  • Justin

    I could use this to move plants inside and out for the upcoming cold weather.

  • Trish F

    Hello, I would let my husband use it to cart around freshly felled wood logs over to the splitter. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • 55mad

    I have so much work to do; and things to be moved this would be just what I need. Thank you.

  • karen

    Gardening, yard cleanup, hauling “stuff”!

  • John

    i’ve got a lot of rock to move,in spring going to do a lot of landscaping

  • Angela Gooden

    I would use it to transfer all my starts for my raised beds.

  • mallorythompson

    I would use it in the flower beds and hauling rocks out of my Ozark yard!!!

  • MayhemMama

    This would be fantastic to tote things around the yard as well as toting things from back and forth to sporting events that are located in fields – like cross country meets for my kiddos!

  • AmyH

    Great looking cart! I would use it for the garden in the summer and to haul wood to the house in the winter.

  • Lindsey

    Love the cart!!! Would make handling our plants in the spring/summer a lot more manageable!

  • Kim Sand&Sisal

    Oh my! I’ve been wanting one of those for ages! We have a large yard and I’m constantly transplanting and rearranging plants and pots. This would come in handy, not to mention my son would probably beg me for a ride or two in it!

  • jacquegarner

    We have a huge yard – this would make getting things done so much easier! LOVE IT!

  • hollyferrero

    We have almost 2 acres with a lot of trees and fallen branches so it would get a lot of work here!

  • Kep

    Oh this would come in handy and I have much to tote around in the garden. Awesome!

  • Lesley Johnston

    definitely in the yard. but it would be SO cute to carry my handmade items from home to the local shop in town where i rent a booth…..and to use at craft fairs and such!

  • Lisa A

    I need this!!!!!

  • Jen

    Long yard with a veggie garden WAY in the back! Would make the back and forth a LOT easier!

  • crochetkim

    Would LOVE to work in my yard with this! pulling out a dead tree, putting in a patio….

  • CJ Vierow

    Moving Garden soil, heavy pots, bricks, rocks and all things heavy would be so much easier with one of these! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one!

  • Kathy Auten

    I Would use this in my backyard to move yard trash and plant flowers haul bags of soil,etc

  • jimleigh1313

    not going to lie…I would transport my toddler around at the zoo!
    Also, it would be used for yard debris, compost, mulch, plants, etc.

  • Val

    My 93-year old mom and I would use it to bring our groceries in and for her gardening which, yes, she still does at age 93!

  • disqus_e7lRT3xu3j

    What I wouldn’t move with this! Garden stuff, yard stuff, kids, pets, etc.

  • Bev

    I would give it to my 86 year old mother in law that loves to work outside even now!
    She would carry the pulled weeds in it and plants to plant. She loves flowers!

  • racingcarrie

    sure would help with my gardening and weeding. thanks

  • Regina Morris

    I would use it to tend my garden, do yard work, do odd jobs around the Ponderosa. When you have 12 acres there is always something to do around the property.

  • I’ll let the new baby sleep in it while I work in the yard. – Pete

  • Jereme

    I would love to have one of these. It would definitely help hauling yard debris, gardening tools, plants, my two kids, the kids’ toys, landscaping rocks, sand, dirt, trash, etc. My boys had a red wagon that is worn out and rusted. This would make a much better replacement.

  • Shanndon Dickinson Bradley

    I would use the cart to bring wood the house from the wood shed,vegs,plants to plant, trash, grandchildern,brush,tree branches, craft item,barque items,in parades,groceries, as I’m handicap and can’t walk well. But like to do things out side.

  • Laura

    This is sooo needed here!

  • Julia

    I would use it to haul all the yard cleanup we have to do in our new yard!

  • Will

    I don’t have a specific project in mind, but my wheel barrel has a flat. And in general it isn’t always the best option for carrying things around the yard. Even if it ended up being used more by the kids it would still be great.

  • Laura B

    I would use it to haul firewood from the wood rack to our house!

  • Love Kindstrand

    We’d use this to haul books from the library, and soil to the community garden!

  • Jessica Hyde

    My backyard currently looks like an archeological dig. I have been digging out roots and dead plants, trying to make up for the ten years of neglect on the part of previous owner of our house. This would be awesome!

  • Kathy Gaskin

    Please pick me. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and this would make his day. Thanks to all that have served our country!

  • Howard

    As a disabled veteran, my property can’t be easily cleaned or cared for by myself and an old, dilapidated wheelbarrow, but a cart like this would make life a LOT simpler for an older veteran working by my lonesome. Thank you for the opportunity to enter (if the offer isn’t closed, that is.)

  • Christine Smith

    Could use the cart. Thank you for the blogs and reviews.