Go Everywhere With the New GMC Sierra AT4 Truck

GMC Sierra AT4 - Park City, UtahThe GMC Sierra AT4 has finally arrived, and it’s been worth the wait. The Sierra AT4 is a straight from the factory off-road ready truck, that is also as refined as any vehicle in their fleet. Think Denali meets the Trail Boss and you’ve got the Sierra AT4.

Every other truck manufacturer has an off-road specific trim, so GMC is a bit late to the game. But they came out swinging with the Sierra AT4 which offers almost everything you’d need in an off-road vehicle that can also serve as a daily driver.

Off-Road Stance


Besides the bold AT4 badge, the new trucks are devoid of chrome and sport a color matched grille and bumpers. You’ll also note touches of red such as the distinctive tow hooks integrated into the front bumper. But the biggest difference you’ll notice is the 2” suspension lift and Goodyear Duratracs, which give the Sierra AT4 an aggressive stance that translates into improved off-road prowess.

V8 Power

GMC invited me to spend two-days driving this beast of a truck around Park City, Utah, and when the event was over I didn’t want to turnover the keys. Even though I’m a truck guy, the experience behind the wheel of the Sierra AT4 was thrilling. My truck came with the optional 6.2L V8 and 10-speed transmission, which provided plenty of power in the mountains and while towing. As high-performing six-cylinder engines are becoming more popular in full-size trucks, the growl of the 6.2 was a welcome sound.

Interior Refinements


The Sierra AT4 interior is sublime, and as I mentioned earlier it has virtually all the bells and whistles of the Denali. The leather details on the seats are sharp, and the cavernous cab seems more spacious than an SUV.

The GMC Infotainment system is state of the art and also features Apple Carplay which mirrors your iPhone. Everything seemed very intuitive and for safety it won’t allow you to operate certain functions.

I also love the secret compartment located in the back seat (literally inside the seat).

Trailering and Towing


This GMC event not only featured the Sierra AT4, but an opportunity to take a ride in a real life bobsled down the track at the Park City Olympic Park. I hauled about 1200 lbs of bobsled behind the truck and it felt like nothing. What’s most impressive is the technology and camera angles that the Sierra AT4 provides, which makes trailering and towing much easier, especially when done solo.


Big Step

The only drawback to the 2” lift is that it makes getting into the truck a bit more difficult. The truck doesn’t include a sidestep and looks better without one, but it is a big step to get into the truck, so a great add-on would be the automatic drop down steps.

Six-Position MultiPro Tailgate


Tailgates have remained the same for years, so the MultiPro tailgate from GMC is a welcome innovation. It not only makes accessing the truck bed easier, it provides different levels of utility with the various sections folded in or out. It’s truly a design win.

Naysayers may think it’s just more things to break, but this tailgate is solidly built and you’re 100 times more likely to get a flat tire than have anything go wrong on this tailgate. I think you’ve got to spend more time using the tailgate to really see the advantages.


Overlanding Platform

Full-size overlanding rigs are growing in popularity, and the GMC Sierra AT4 seems like an off-the-shelf solution for families and groups to travel in style. The automatic locking rear differential can help you get out of almost any sticky situation, and is a must for any true overlanding vehicle. Just add a winch and a lightbar and you’re ready to go.


Thanks to GMC for the opportunity to drive the Sierra AT4 and I look forward to seeing these out in the wild, both on the street and on the trail.

Photos courtesy of Darcy Bacha.


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