Home Security Cameras That You Can View From Anywhere

Smart home security systems are awesome but they usually cost a ton of money for the equipment as well as the labor to install them. VueZone has created a system that you can monitor from your smart phone and setup your cameras anywhere in the house starting at $170.
We had an opportunity to setup their system and were amazed at how quickly we got it all up and running.
We setup the SX2700 that included two motion sensing cameras and a base station. You simply plug the base station into your router then sync it to your cameras. There are no wires! The cameras connect remotely to the base and you can place them anywhere in your house.
Once you register on VueZone you can see your cameras from any location with an internet connection and you can also view on your phone using their app which quickly installs via their QR code.
Besides the technology we also liked the design of their cameras. They can sit stationary or also be connected to a back mount that allows it to connect to the wall or ceiling and it’s a ball and socket type connection that will let you move the camera smoothly in any direction.
They recently released a new outdoor mount that makes the camera waterproof and a window mount for even more options.
If you want to view your cameras using your smartphone you’ll have to subscribe and it’s $4.95 per month which doesn’t seem like much to have an extra set of eyes back home.
For more information on the VueZone system, check out their website.

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