The Hoover ONEPWR Cordless System

hoover onepwr cordless system

The new Hoover ONEPWR cordless system is the first all-in-one solution that is ideal for cleaning your home, garage, patio, and workshop.

The problem with household cleaning tools is that we typically have a mishmash of vacuums and carpet cleaners for the various cleanup situations around the house. The Hoover ONEPWR system has nine separate cleaning tools that are each designed to tackle a specific cleaning duty.

ONEPWR Battery

Hoover’s parent company is TTI, which also owns Milwaukee and RYOBI, two of the best cordless power tool brands available. This means Hoover had a ton of experience and technology to draw from when conceptualizing the ONEPWR system. 

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Every ONEPWR battery is fully compatible with every product in the new HOOVER ONEPWR Cordless Cleaning System. These compact, removable batteries can be easily swapped from product to product giving you the ultimate versatility to complete their cleaning routines with greater speed and ease.

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ONEPWR lithium-ion batteries provide fade-free power across a variety of cleaning applications. And, with additional batteries, you have virtually limitless runtime.

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Hoover ONEPWR FloorMate JET

Leading the new HOOVER ONEPWR family of cord-free cleaning products is the HOOVER ONEPWR FloorMate JET, which is designed for vacuuming and washing hard floors in one easy step.

Hoover ONEPWR Floormate Jet Pet

We used it to clean the carpet in our den and remove dirt spots our dog had tracked in, stains from baby food, and other random smudges that our regular vacuum couldn’t get up.

Hoover ONEPWR Floormate Jet IceCream lower res

The FloorJet is compact and can be stored in a pantry or closet for easy access.

Hoover ONEPWR Blade Stick Vacuum

Our number one vacuum tool is a stick vacuum. We have hardwood floors and a cordless stick vacuum is the easiest tool for cleaning the floors throughout the house. The ONEPWR Blade includes multiple attachments to tackle most tasks around the house.

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The Blade is easy to use, powerful, and has plenty of runtime to cover our entire house.


The FloorMate Jet™ is designed to powerfully vacuum and wash sealed hard floors in one easy step. A microfiber brush roll gently washes and scrubs the surface to loosen dirt while powerful suction picks up wet and dry messes. The SprayClean™ nozzle and trigger system allow consumers to control when and where the cleaning solution is used to tackle even the toughest messes in the home.

The Blade™ stick vacuum, the most powerful cord-free vacuum from HOOVER®, features dual cyclonic DustVault™ Technology that captures 99 percent of dust and fine particles with no loss of suction for continuous cleaning. The only cord-free stick vacuum with a completely removable bin to make emptying easy, the Blade stick vacuum also features DustTracker™ LED headlights that make it effortless to see dirt while cleaning. Fingertip electronic controls change brush speeds to help efficiently clean a variety of floor types.

Seven additional products in the HOOVER ONEPWR System allow consumers to expand their cleaning to additional applications in and around the home.

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HOOVER® ONEPWR™ Cordless Spotless GO™ spot cleaner handles unexpected accidents, spills and pet messes. It easily lifts and removes stains by combining strong suction, cleaning tools, and the power of HOOVER® cleaning solutions. Dual tanks keep clean and dirty water separate.

HOOVER® ONEPWR™ Cordless Hand Vacuum provides quick cleaning support for easy pick-ups around the house and on-the-go. A built-in crevice tool and easy-empty extra-large dirt cup help tackle unexpected messes.

HOOVER® ONEPWR™ Cordless Hard Surface Sweeper combines compact power and lightweight convenience for cleaning patios and walkways. With speeds up to 85 MPH and 185 CFM, clean-ups are fast and easy.

HOOVER® ONEPWR™ Cordless High-Performance Blower provides cord-free maximum performance with speeds up to 95 MPH and 270 CFM. Variable speed control, an ergonomically designed handle and heavy-duty turbo fan assure fast clean-ups for hard surfaces and yards.

HOOVER® ONEPWR™ Cordless Wet/Dry Utility Vacuum quickly cleans messes in the car, workshop and other areas. Lightweight and portable, the unit also converts to a directional blower with multi-purpose tools to handle a variety of projects.

HOOVER® ONEPWR™ Cordless High-Capacity Wet/Dry Utility Vacuum combines extra powerful suction (up to 65 CPM) for indoor and outdoor use. Its extra-large capacity, no-tip wheel design, and set of multi-purpose tools can tackle any wet or dry mess.

HOOVER® ONEPWR™ LED Task Light features an adjustable, rotating head to direct light up, down and all around to identify messes inside and outside the home.

HOOVER® ONEPWR™ cordless cleaning products are now available at and Amazon®, and will be available this summer online and in-store at Target®, Best Buy® and The Home Depot®. Products are available for purchase kitted with the ONEPWR battery and charger, sold separately for easy add-on and as combination kits for the best value.

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