The Time is Now for Artificial Lawn

We love the smell of fresh cut grass like the next person and taking pride in a well manicured lawn is an accomplishment, but in the current age of water conservation there are alternatives to natural lawns that outweigh the real stuff in every aspect (except being alive).
Recently we spoke with Duane Ruth of SYNlawn which is one of the leading installers of high-quality synthetic grass. They’ve been in the business much longer than their competitors and have the jobs and reputation to back it up. They recently installed a commercial stretch of SYNlawn in Santa Monica which is notorious for having perfectly kept public landscapes that are always natural and thus take a lot of water. For all installations including commercial and residential they recommend a professional installation even for small jobs.

Beyond water conservation, a major homeowner motivation for installing synthetic grass would be to avoid lawn burn from dog urine. Our dog Harper finds the stuff interesting to smell but didn’t quite take to going potty on it. I’m sure that would come with time.
If you strictly want to stick with a DIY artificial lawn solution there a number of vendors willing to send you the materials with instructions so you can have a go at it yourself. Evergreen Grass is one such company. They sent us a couple samples that seemed high in quality. The base was solid and the grass stiff to the touch but well connected.
Please consider artificial grass for your next landscaping project, putting green, rooftop lawn, dog run, or pool surround. The colors available are amazingly lifelike and the maintenance or lack thereof will save you time and money.

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