Host A DIY Swap Meet

Isn’t everything more enjoyable if you can make it a party? You may have attended (or hosted) a clothing or housewares swap party, but what about planning one with a DIY focus?
Gather up anything DIY-related you’re no longer using — tools, paint, books, paint chips and anything else — and invite friends and family members to do the same. Send out a fun invitation (eVite, anyone?), provide light snacks and refreshments and let the fun begin!
Hosting a swap party can be a great way to get something you need — or never realized you needed — without shelling out any money. Plus, this would be an ideal time to swap DIY advice, share project ideas or get recommendations on your future DIY plans while mingling with a captive audience.

And when you’re done, you can round up anything that hasn’t been claimed and donate it. The brilliant Megan B. at Shelterrific served as our inspiration for this post. She’s planning a modern swap meet and has already compiled kitchen tools, office supplies and houseplant seedlings, among other things. That reminds us — feel free to throw gardening supplies in the mix, too. This is the perfect time of year to work on your home’s landscaping, and you just might find the materials you need to jumpstart your outdoor ambitions while at a swap meet.
Would you throw a DIY swap meet?

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