How To Make Brick Succulent Planters


Succulents are fun and easy to grow and you just need some cuttings to start your own garden.

These brick planters give a nice organic feel to our succulent garden and are relatively easy to make, although it’s kinda messy.

You need:
Bricks – preferably used and slightly beat up or damaged or you can go with very clean looking bricks
Carbide tipped masonry hole saw bit
Succulent cuttings

1. Clamp your brick securely to your table


2. Setup your masonry hole saw

3. Start drilling and use a water bottle and pour water as you drill to keep the brick cool and make for easy cutting

4. Use a chisel or screwdriver and tap on the inner brick until it breaks away.

5. Flip the brick around and start drilling again and repeat the process

6. Enjoy your new brick succulent planters!

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  • Michelle

    This is really interesting and challenging to make. It can also be used as a wall decoration.