How to Write a Winning Offer Letter to Land Your Dream Home


It took nine offers and multiple bids, to finally land our dream home. But, we may have found a home sooner if we had written a more compelling offer letter.

Here’s how to get your offer or application accepted by writing an offer letter that the owner can’t refuse. Plus we’ve provided a sample offer letter design to check out.

Connect with the Owner

Whether you meet the homeowner or not, you’ll have a great idea of what makes them tick by touring their home. Take mental notes of unique characteristics of the home you are placing an offer on.

There might be some interesting memorabilia or souvenirs from worldwide travels. These are the little things to mention in an offer letter that might connect with an owner. 

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Edit and Spellcheck

Don’t overlook proper grammar and spelling in your offer letter. A properly formatted letter shows how seriously you are taking the offer.

Be ruthless with your editing and find someone who can provide an honest assessment of your letter.

Be Confident and Humble

Let your personality shine through when writing an offer letter, and make sure you state how you plan on lovingly taking care of your new home.

An offer letter is not a place to brag or boast, instead just be yourself when writing the letter and don’t be who you are not.

Sample Offer Letter Package

Our friend Lauren Calnin designed this amazing offer letter package that she used to highlight her family, including her pet dog.

offer letter


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Artboard 4

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