How An Energy Audit Can Save You Big Bucks

We’ve talked about energy audits before here at C&H–they’re a great option if you want to gauge your home’s energy efficiency. Audits also provide an ideal starting point if you’re planning on making your abode more eco-friendly.
Energy audits focus on a few main areas, including air leaks, heating and cooling systems, insulation and lighting, to make sure each system is working properly without wasting resources. An audit will pinpoint areas that can be improved, giving you a great framework from which to plan your next few projects.
And once you make some of the suggested fixes from the energy audit, you’ll likely notice a decrease in your energy bills — and that means more money in your pocket! There’s another added benefit to scheduling an energy audit, thanks to your state and local energy company.

Many energy companies have teamed up with state governments to offer customers bill credits when they’ve made certain energy-efficient improvements to their home. You’ll have to check with your local company to see if they offer a similar program, but in general, qualification begins when you select a certified auditor recommended by the energy company. In some cases, as with Westar Energy, you may even get the audit at a discounted price–$100 as opposed to $200-$600.
Kansas City Power and Light and Missouri Gas Energy customers, for example, can get an audit from a certified auditor, and once they’ve made at least one improvement from the audit results (and the installation has been certified), rebate credits will be applied on both bills.
As energy-efficiency becomes an increasing area of concern, there’s no better time to make improvements to your home–and, in the process, pad your bank account.
Have you signed up for a similar program in your area? Let us know the results, if you don’t mind sharing!

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