How the Liteblok Can Help You Build Green

We’re always on the lookout for new products. Or old products done better. Or anything, really, that gets the mind spinning with DIY possibilities. The Liteblok from Cresco Concrete is one of those products that offers environmentally friendly building that’s fast, easy and affordable. We know what you’re thinking… so what’s the catch?
We’re looking. Closely.
What is Liteblok?
These large building bricks are made from concrete that has been specially treated with non-toxic foam to create millions of tiny air bubbles. No, it’s not a huge marshmallow. And we don’t recommend tasting it or trying to roast it over a fire (because they’re also fire-resistant, which is just another plus for this product).

The aerated concrete is formed into precast molds that allow you to build walls fast. No mortar. No fuss. No mess. We thought about the possible applications in our yards and came up with a few must-tries:
*Quick and painless retaining wall with no tie backs to contend with
*Build those raised beds for the veggie garden, finally
*Effective sound wall across the back of the yard to keep out the neighbors’ noise
*Create walls for an open-topped composter that is clean and highly operational
Green Building Benefits
We asked ourselves how this product fulfilled the specifications of green building. Sure, it’s non-toxic, but so are marshmallows (aren’t they?) and we already covered the practical uses of those sugary treats.
Litebloks are made with concrete, which in itself is made from byproducts – gravel, sand, etc. By adding the foam to create air bubbles, Cresco has made these products much, much lighter. Not only does that mean they are easier for you to handle, they are also easier to ship.
Because they dry fit together without mortar and interlock thanks to precision molding, using Litebloks cuts down on jobsite waste – another environmental plus. Cresco states that Liteblok building materials can offer you the ability to grab LEED credits. And finally, the fact that no fly ash or polystyrene is used in this product is another green point.
The Final Word
Our grade for this green building product?
We give Litebloks 9 out of 10 for DIY friendliness and eco passionate design. Rather uninspiring on the eyes, they only get 7.5 out of 10 for looks, but we all know that looks aren’t everything, right? Right?
Photos courtesy of Cresco Concrete

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