How To Photograph A Home For Sale

Have you ever perused Craigslist or a realtor’s website and immediately got turned off by a poorly snapped photo? My boyfriend is very guilty of this. I tend to pay more attention to words that images (“But honey, it says cottage charm!”) whereas he’ll be more realistic (“Cottage charm is a fancy word for very small”).
If you plan on posting your place for rent or for sale, follow some of these tricks for creating the best photos of your home.
1. Clean Up. I’ve seen online a cluttered kitchen, clothes thrown on a bed, you name it. If you show the world that you’re apartment was treated like a pigsty, you’re not going to attract a lot of motivated renters/buyers.

2. Keep Out Of It. It might be cute to have your black lab in the shot, but keep the home’s current animals and people out of the frame. You want people to picture themselves in the space, not the current tenants.
3. Be Aware of Angles. If your house has a ton of clutter on the side of the garage, don’t get that in the show. Take several shots and see which one highlights the positive aspects.
4. Make It Look Professional. Make sure you don’t use your camera phone and post only photos that don’t have flash marks in the windows and mirrors. The more refined your photos look, the better your space will come across.
Any other good photography tips?

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