How To Prepare Your Home & Household for a Remodel

Even if you aren’t doing the job yourself, you should take steps to prepare your home and household before a major renovation begins. Once contractors start running around your home and the demo starts, it’s often too late to lay the groundwork for an efficient remodel.
Here are some steps you can take to prepare your home & household for a remodel.
Set Schedules
Not only should your contractors have a time estimate worked into their statement of work but they should also have a daily schedule they stick to so you and your family know when to expect them. These days and times can change as the work does but make sure everyone has an easy reference to go to.
If there is a scheduled delivery or someone needs to be home at a certain time, everyone should know or have access to this information.

Tool & Materials Storage
Don’t let your contractor assume he can pile his tools in your garage and don’t assume he will just load them all back up in his truck each day. Make sure all of your expectations are managed and if tools are left at your home that they are stored securely and out of the way from curious children and off the floor as to prevent accidents.
Materials should also be stored safely and not haphazardly around your home. It’s best if building materials are kept off-site until used as that will also less likely attract thieves and in the case of weather sensitive building materials they won’t be compromised by rain or dirt.
Protect Your Home Furnishings
Not all contractors will take the time to carefully move furniture without scratching floors or damaging your furniture. If you can, move furniture yourself and make sure its covered and properly protected in an area that will be painted or there will be dust.
During the job where are waste and demo materials going? Do you have a portable garbage bin scheduled to be left at your home and does this need approval by an HOA or city council? If waste needs to be hauled daily does your contractor know this and can they accommodate this request?

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