DIY Wallpaper Removal Tips

At some point in your DIY career, it’s likely you’re going to have to tackle one of the most arduous of tasks–wallpaper removal. Depending on how the wallpaper was originally adhered to the wall, this can be a relatively easy chore–or one that makes you want to tear down the wall and start fresh.
While at the Kansas City Remodeling Show this weekend, we picked up some wallpaper removal tips from HGTV host Sabrina Soto. First up? Some recommended supplies.


*Wallpaper remover (can be store-bought or DIY – we’ll have a recipe for you in this post.)

*Before you apply remover to the surface, gently score the wallpaper. This allows the remover to penetrate between the paper and the wall, and should help with easier removal.
*Want to make your own, freshly scented wallpaper remover? Mix fabric softener with hot water and apply to the wallpaper. If you’re dealing with multiple layers of wallpaper, or, in the case of our friend Jamie, layers of wallpaper and paint, this DIY version will likely not be strong enough, so stick with a store-bought remover.
*If your wallpaper is stubborn, add a little pressure — steam pressure, that is. Turn on your iron and press the steam button to coat the problem area. If you have an actual steamer, that works even better.
Have you tackled wallpaper removal lately? Please share any other tips with us!

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