It’s OK To Take A Break From Renovations

Taking a break from your home renovation isn’t a bad thing. If you’re at a stopping point before starting other major projects, you may just want to take a few weeks to stop, slow down, and enjoy the progress you’ve made.
Besides restoring your physical and mental energy, a brief hiatus can work wonders for your creativity. If your renovation timeline allows, this time of year is a great option for a break. You’ll probably find yourself with more social obligations as the holidays near, and you’ll want more time to spend with friends and family. Plus, deteriorating weather conditions limit the work you can do outside.

Still hesitant to embark on your own self-imposed hiatus? Consider Sarah and Scott of The Ugly Duckling House. They’re remodeling a home in Atlanta that’s experienced some serious neglect in the last 20 years.
This year brought, among other projects, bathroom remodels, flooring installation, priming, painting, sanding, hanging, patching and moving, Sarah writes. That kind of work had slowly taken its toll, so at the end of November, Sarah wrote a post announcing the couple’s intent to to take a one-month break.
The other upside to such a decision? The chance to enjoy the house — and work on those small projects that may have otherwise gone unnoticed during the hustle and bustle of a large-scale renovation.
If you opt to enjoy a similar rest period, you may want to think about setting some loose guidelines. This is a period of time that you want to enjoy, so don’t get too rigid about scheduling. Yet it’s a good idea to map out how long you’ll be on the hiatus, what small projects you might want to accomplish during that time, and when you’ll get started on the next big endeavor. With these sorts of guidelines in place, you’ll avoid a vague, “Oh, we’ll get to that in a few weeks” so that you don’t run the risk of getting your overall renovation off schedule.
Is this sort of hiatus something you’d consider in your own home? Or do you have other tips to avoid letting the fatigue, stress and pressure of a renovation become overwhelming?
Photo courtesy of The Ugly Duckling House

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