Husqvarna 562XP Chainsaw – First Look

We’ve got a Poulan Pro chainsaw that works great and we’ve only used it for the occasional de-limbing job, so when I got my hands on the biggest and baddest chainsaw from Husqvarna last week I was stoked! This chainsaw is definitely overkill for most homeowners but for the pro user and logger they should definitely consider it.
The Husqvarna 562XP is a new model that includes a lot of features that will improve performance and efficiency that are new to the chainsaw industry.
The new chasis is sleeker and slimmer than previous models and the weight has also been dropped. The distance between the front and rear handles has also been optimized for efficient, comfortable operation.

The guts of the chainsaw have been reworked and now include Husqvarna’s gyro force technology that claims to reduce the weight of the saws’ key moving parts – fly wheel, crank shaft and piston – there is less interior movement in the engine, which creates less gyration.
I’m no expert but the 562XP made easier work of this log which was probably about two feet in diameter or more.

Performance has also been increased and now features Revboost which allows for acceleration in chain speed over short periods to increase efficiency during cutting, specifically in de-limbing applications. Revboost is controlled by the ignition and enables users to increase to maximum RPMs for about two seconds. It is designed to provide an optimum ratio of power to RPMs without having the engine run wide open for extended periods of time. To make field maintenance easier, the 562XP comes with captive bar nuts that remain attached to the clutch cover. The Husky chainsaw experts said this is a huge innovation as previously the bar nuts would just fall out when changing in the field.
Other improvements include:
+ Husqvarna’s X-Torq engine technology, which enables the saws to deliver rapid acceleration and high power over a wider RPM range, even under heavy loads. Additionally, X-Torq increases fuel efficiency by up to 20% while reducing exhaust emissions up to 75%, a twenty percent increase in emissions efficiency compared to previous models.
+ Husqvarna’s patented AutoTune technology to deliver maximum performance. Sensors check conditions such as outside temperature and internal airflow and automatically adjust the engine’s fuel-air mix to optimum levels.
+ LowVib to dampen vibration and prevent operator fatigue.
+ Smart Start for easy and fast starts.
+ Air Injection to dramatically reduce debris in the engine resulting in smoother operation and reduced wear.
+ Magnesium three-piece crankshaft for maximum durability.
Husqvarna also offers a 555 model which is about a pound lighter and slightly less powerful but includes all of the above features.

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