Tool Spotlight: Wet Tile Saw

It’s an obscure tool that really deserves some time in the limelight. A wet tile saw has a unique purpose that is incredibly valuable when working with ceramic tiles. Whether it’s a back splash, flooring, wall tiles or counter tops, that wet tile saw is indispensable and a must have.
Gorgeous from a design stand point and super durable, ceramic tiles can dress up and protect many different parts of your home. Impervious to moisture, tiles are almost always found in the bathroom and show up a lot in the kitchen. But they’re also good at the bar, in the laundry room and at high traffic entrance ways.

What Makes a Wet Tile Saw Different?
For all their strength ceramic tiles are actually brittle, especially when they meet a hot, sharp saw blade. The wet tile saw uses a duller blade that’s not serrated and the special properties of water to make a professional cut in tiles.
Pass over the snap tile cutter, what you need is a wet tile saw. And don’t be afraid of the whole electricity and water thing – it’s a breeze.
Power of a Diamond
Who says you need to get married or visit a mine to get your hands on a diamond? The wet tile saw uses a diamond-edged carbide blade to basically grind through the tile.
Add in the water that flows by to keep the heat down and you have just the combo you need for smooth cuts. Water also works as a great way to reduce dust and flying particles, making the wet tile saw much safer when working with ceramic.
Tackling a tile project and don’t have one? A wet tile saw is well worth the investment and will produce the cuts you need for a tight, smooth finish.

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