Exploring Lake Tahoe With the Infiniti QX60

We love exploring Lake Tahoe and take yearly trips to Fallen Leaf lake, but we’ve never traveled as elegantly as we did when we took the all-new Infiniti QX60 for a drive.

Infiniti QX60 26

Our journey started at the Sacramento airport where we picked up the QX60. I spent a couple of hours with the vehicle a few months ago and was impressed with the update to Infiniti’s flagship vehicle. My initial reaction rang true as our QX60 was road trip ready and as luxurious as I remember.

Infiniti qx60 interior luggage

Spacious Interior

We packed up our family of four and hit the road for a quick two-hour drive to Edgewood Tahoe. The QX60 comfortably held all of our luggage behind the third row and our boys loved having the third row so they could enjoy their own “space”.

Infiniti QX60 06

The second-row captain’s chairs are fantastic and well-suited for kids or adults. The spacious center console is unique and removable if you need easier access to the third row.

The front seats were sublime and we enjoyed the massage feature after a cramped plane flight.

Infiniti QX60 01

The standout feature to us wasn’t the 12.-inch touch screen or the panoramic sunroof (both of which are amazing), but the care Infiniti takes in wrapping their seats with quilted leather that feels as good as it looks.

Driving Experience

The QX60 is a large crossover that still has one foot in the world of SUVs. I really only say this because it comes standard with a 2-inch tow hitch which makes it adventure-ready and fully capable of towing a small to medium-sized travel trailer or your favorite toys.

Infiniti QX60 13

Driving up the mountain to South Lake Tahoe was a breeze and the new 9-speed transmission shifted smoothly and never felt like it was searching for gears or lagging. The true 9-speed also had plenty of low-end punch as I pushed it through the mountains to pass slower vehicles.

Infiniti QX60 24

Overall the driving experience was superb and a real treat when compared to other crossovers that lack the power and handling of the QX60.

We recently spent a week in the QX50 which was really fun and a true head turner, but for our family of four, the QX60 checks all the boxes.

Edgewood Tahoe is Spectacular

A shout-out to the Edgewood Tahoe. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe our short stay at this luxury lakeside resort. The QX60 truly looked at home at the #1 resort according to Travel + Leisure.

IMG 6139

Luxury hotels can often be staid and stuffy, but not the Edgewood. They are a family-friendly resort as evidenced by the nightly s’mores and movies on the lawn.

South Lake Tahoe isn’t really our vibe, but the Edgewood Tahoe is truly a destination that you never have to leave unless you plan on exploring the many natural wonders of Lake Tahoe.

IMG 6137

Special thanks to Infiniti for making this trip happen. You can tell they put a lot of time, effort, and money into the new QX60 and in our opinion it was worth it as they’ve delivered a stylish seven-passenger crossover that has all of the amenities of luxury SUVs at half the cost.

Infiniti QX60 Photos

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