Infuse Your Toolbox With A Pop Of Pretty

If you, like me, are on a constant mission to surround yourself with pretty things, then Cynthia Rowley’s new tool collection should definitely be on your radar.
Basic home improvement supplies, including hammers, pliers and screwdrivers, become a little more extraordinary when bathed in prints inspired by Cynthia’s fashion designs (and, let’s face it–at $25, the three-piece tool set is a bit more affordable than one of Cynthia’s wow-worthy garments.)

The collection includes a chic yet sturdy tool bag, the perfect complement to your new tools. Flashlights and staple guns are also available.
As this post from Nylon magazine suggests, the tools are eye-catching enough that they’ll be easy to spot in a bag or toolbox. That being said, are they too pretty to use?
What’s your take? Do you think the tools will be as sturdy and functional as they are attractive, or would you prefer to stick with a tried-and-true tool brand?
Photos courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

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