Paint On Your Wallpaper With Rollerwall

For living in an ancient house with plaster walls, I have an unnatural desire to wallpaper my very uneven vertical spaces. I’ve looked at different ways to make wallpaper happen, yet another solution that keeps popping up through my endless perusal of the design blogosphere is using paint to “make” wallpaper. While this technique is stunning when executed well, the amount of planning, measuring, taping, and the huge margin of error make me nervous, especially since I usually don’t have endless extra hours to accomplish such a feat. However, I think I’ve stumbled upon a solution that happily marries the look of wallpaper with the ease of painting.

Through one of my many design sites, I found reference to the Rollerwall company, whose main product is a paint roller that — wait for it — paints a wallpaper-esque pattern right onto your wall.
The site is a bit dated (the demonstration video looks about as old as I am), but there is a small gallery of images to show what the patterns look like, as well as a few real-life execution photos. It seems like the roller is a mere six inches wide, and designed so that minor incongruencies such as slight variations in application should be unnoticeable. They also show non-wall applications, so it appears like this product could be used on less-than-flat surfaces, like my walls.
I’m intrigued to say the least — this could be a final solution to my wallpaper woes. I could combine colors and finishes to my heart’s content (Bolds! Brights! High gloss! Metallic!) and not have to deal with the permanence of wallpaper — in theory, a good coat of primer could cover this faux-finish if I decided I didn’t like it or was tired of looking at it. I think It may be something I give a try in the upcoming months as the cooler weather dictates more interior-type projects.
What do you think of this — or any other — faux-finish technique? Or what are your feelings on painted-on wallpaper? As always, let us know in the comments, and if and when I try this out, I’ll be sure to share the results.

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