Jay-Z and Kanye West Take a Milwaukee Sawzall to a Maybach with Mixed Results

For tool geeks it was cool to see the ubiquitous Milwaukee Sawzall make an appearance in the latest video from Jay-Z and Kanye West, Otis. The opener is ominous with both rappers walking towards a new Maybach, Kanye with a cutoff saw and Jay-Z with a torch. 20 seconds in and you see the Sawzall doing work.
The rest of the video isn’t much and you’d think they would come up with a better modification on that Maybach. The Aziz Ansari cameo was a nice touch. He’s street.

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  • Allison

    This is amazing. We have an old house that isn’t that bad, but needs brick work. Major investment, but worth it in the end. Here’s more on that:


  • The traditional way to point this type of brickwork is to rake out the joints to a depth of at least 25mm (1 inch), you can use a small cold chisel for this or an angle grinder but the mess caused with an angle grinder has to be consisered as someone will have to clean up. The best mix for the pointing is a 6:1:1 mortar (6 sand : 1 hydrated lime : 1 portland cement) if you want it the normal grey colour but if you want to have coloured pointing use a 4:1 (4 sand :1 portland cement) plus the colour. All the mortar colours act as a plasticiser so there is no need for the lime or fairy liquid. Fairy liquid was banned in the 1960s as a plasticiser.

  • Chris

    at 1:00, see “Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Masonry Buildings” preservation brief 2 national park service

  • angle grinder

    wheel has an rpm rating. Be sure that the wheel has a rating equivalent or
    greater than grinder’s maximum no-load rmp. Toolprice provides fast grinding
    wheels at a reasonable cost. This recommended level is usually on a tool’s