Keurig Platinum Single Serve Coffee System Review

We’re big time coffee fans and need at least one cup (usually two) to help us get going in the morning. Nothing beats coffee from a French press of just grounded fresh roasted beans but sometimes we just don’t have the time to do that. That’s when you need a single serve coffee system.
Single serve coffee has been an amazing invention for us and we’ve tried a few of them. We had a poor experience with a Cuisinart single serve that almost soured us on using them at all but when we saw the latest coffee system from Keurig we thought we’d give it another shot.

The Keurig Platinum coffee system has worked out well for us. It’s auto/on-off system assures that the system is warmed up in the morning and turns off when not in use in the afternoon. The LCD display is easy to use and with only a few buttons you have all other options that are easy to find such as the five cup sizes and water temperature.
The base is also removable which helps accommodate a travel mug-size cup and the reservoir holds 60 oz. which is a lot but between the two of us we tend to go through it every other day.
We wish it had a cold water setting so the ice wouldn’t melt when doing ice coffee but besides that this unit is everything we need. We’re hoping the coffee manufacturers start producing some stronger blends because at the larger cup sizes the coffee can start to taste a bit watered down like with most single serves but at the small and medium size it’s perfect. Right now we are liking Timothy’s coffee. If you have any K-cup recommendations let us know!

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