Lawn Tips From a Pro PGA Greenskeeper


Now that you can build your own putting green, you need to make sure it’s kept in great condition. It doesn’t have to be to USGA standards but follow these tips from Jonathan Wright, head superintendent at world-renowned Harbour Town Golf Links at The Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Prep your lawn
At the beginning of the season, aerate and dethatch your lawn to relieve soil compaction and remove excess thatch. This will stimulate new growth and increase the availability of necessary water, air and nutrients to the grass plant.

Wright recommends using a granular 50 percent slow, 50 percent quick-release fertilizer within a week after this process to provide your lawn with nutrients. Apply it late in the afternoon when your lawn is dry, and then water your grass immediately afterwards. Keep your lawn moist after aeration to aid recovery. Since the roots and crowns of your grass are exposed after aeration, it requires a bit more water and will dry out quicker.

Keep Grass at Appropriate Height
Maintaining the proper height of your grass specific to the grass type is critical. Grass types can vary from location to location, depending on geography, but most grasses should be maintained at a height of two to three inches and should be mowed one to two times per week, as needed.

Periodically Check Irrigation System
If you have an irrigation system make sure you have proper rotation of heads and there are no broken pipes or valves. If you don’t have this system, use a portable sprinkler and hose. The amount of water needed varies from lawn to lawn and could be affected by a number of variables including grass type, temperature, slope of your yard, soil type, etc. Monitor your grass daily and water when needed to keep grass hydrated.

Take Care of Lawn Equipment
Keep mower blades sharp, check your oil regularly and clean your equipment after each use to keep your tools working properly and lawn looking great. A dull mower blade can actually tear your grass and give an uneven finish to your lawn. Sears Blue Service Crew offers a mower tune-up service to make sure your mower is running safely and efficiently before you hit the grass.

Add the Finishing Touches
Once your lawn is cut to perfection and a nice healthy green, add the finishing touches by trimming under your bushes, clipping your hedges and including an edge or border to your lawn and flower beds. In order to clip hard to reach areas and give your yard a balanced, even look, use a string trimmer, edger and cordless pruner for easy maintenance.
If your lawn is prone to weeds, you may consider using a pre-emergent herbicide. Identify the weed type first to determine the appropriate herbicide and apply according to the manufacturer’s recommended rate. Throughout the season, continue to check your lawn for weeds. Keep weeds at bay by tackling the problem head on. Once weeds pop up, manually remove them right away. If the weeds begin to germinate and spread, you may consider a post-emergent herbicide to halt growth. Spot treat when necessary.

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