Manage Recipes, Music With A Built-In iPad Cabinet

Quick poll: Does anyone still use cookbooks? With smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly popular, recipe apps may be the way to go. (Confession? I have numerous cookbooks. And I use them. A lot.)
While browsing the blogosphere, we stumbled across an ingenious project–a built-in iPad cabinet, positioned near the kitchen, that allows the homeowners to quickly access various iPad functions including recipe databases and music libraries.
Of course, the first thing you need is an iPad — but what better excuse to go out and get one? Once you have the device and an appropriate spot picked out in your kitchen, it’s time to start building.

In the project tutorial, posted by Boe of The Making of a Craftsman Home [], the first step is the creation of a prototype in order to verify measurements and device positioning
The built-in cabinet has several inches of depth to it, ensuring that it not only sits in the wall but also that the device can be sheltered within the cabinet, yet still accessible.
When it comes to installation, Boe had a distinct advantage. The kitchen was in the process of being renovated, so the walls were already torn out. If you’re dealing with intact walls, however, don’t worry — you’ll just need to budget time (and materials) for some cutting, patching and re-painting.
In the project tutorial, Boe points out that the built-in cabinet was created using recycled materials and wood scraps, which makes this is a great option if you have some extra materials laying around and aren’t sure what to do with them.
What are your thoughts on the built-in iPad cabinet? Would you add one to your home, and if so, where would you put it?
Photo courtesy of The Making of a Craftsman Home

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