Marble Countertops Are Built To Last

Although granite countertops continue to be the most popular choice in the kitchen, marble is also a great option if you seek an all-natural stone option.
One of the biggest deterrents to using marble as a countertop material is its high price tag. Experts also recommend applying a sealant to help protect the surface, which can be vulnerable to scratches and stains.

Yet a benefit to marble, as pictured above in the Kansas City Homes & Gardens Green Show Home, is that it’s considered a green building material because it lasts forever.
If you love the look of marble but are worried about the expense, consider using it as an accent such as on an island countertop. Marble blends well with other natural stone varieties such as granite, quartz and limestone, and when used in combination with another material, is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.
Photo courtesy of KCH&G Green Show Home

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