Quick And Affordable Kitchen Fixes

If you can’t afford a kitchen remodel but want to change the look of it, you have a few options in updating your space. The best part about these projects? Not only are they affordable, but they’re quick, so you can implement a budget-friendly makeover in a few hours or a weekend.
Quick Kitchen Projects:
1. Write On The Refrigerator. If you have a dated refrigerator and can’t afford to replace it yet, jump on the trend to paint your appliance with chalkboard paint. This hides how old the refrigerator is while giving it a practical, fresh look. You can pick up a quart of chalkboard paint at your local hardware store. Two to three coats create the best chalk writing surface.
2. New Knobs. Hardware is like the jewelry of cabinets. By changing old knobs and pulls with new, stylish ones, you can really impact the look of your space. New hardware can get pricey if you are looking for extra details so if you’re on a budget, look for something shiny and sleek.

3. The Inside Counts. Even though the inside of the cabinets are rarely seen, replacing the contact paper can make the kitchen seem cleaner and newer. Contact paper is very affordable and comes in a lot of fun patterns. Or you can add a non-slip, non-adhesive liner that is easy to swap out depending on your mood or decor.
4. Face Lift. If you have the time, priming and painting your cabinet faces and bases can make old cabinets look new. Take the faces off of the units and lightly sand them. Depending on they’re current color and what color you’re planning on painting them will determine if you need to use primer. If you’re not replacing your countertop, consider paint that will look good on the cabinets and stay cohesive with the counter.
5. New Fixtures. An old faucet can keep a kitchen in a previous era. Replacing a dated faucet with a new modern fixture can liven up a kitchen and make it feel more contemporary. It’s a fairly quick fix but if you aren’t familiar with basic plumbing you might want to enlist a how-to book or a handy friend to help.
What have you done to spruce up your kitchen?
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