Milwaukee Ax Carbide Sawzall Blade Review

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Milwaukee Tool makes the ubiquitous Sawzall reciprocating saw. It’s become a standard demolition tool at jobsites around the world. But what good is a great recip saw if the blade you are using on it sucks? We recently joined Milwaukee at their plant in Mississippi to check out where their recip saw blades are made, including the awesome Ax carbide tooth blade.

Carbide teeth blades provide 30x longer life over standard bi-metal blades and 2x faster cutting. This more than makes up for the added cost of a carbide blade, and you don’t have to take the time to change them as often. The 5 TPI blade design allows for the fastest cutting in nail-embedded wood and a wide range of residential material. 

Milwaukee Tool also prides itself on their Nail Guard and Fang Tip, which are two blade design features that allow the user to rip nails not teeth and make plunge cuts better than anyone. The Ax carbide blade is optimized for cordless recip saws, to get 25% more cuts per charge.

Milwaukee 9 in. 5 TPI with Carbide Teeth The AX Sawzall Blade (1-Pack)


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