Most Popular Kitchen Counter Goes To…

It’s still granite! In a recent article from Consumer Reports, granite accounted for 56 percent of kitchen counter sales in the last year. This surface shows no signs of slowing in popularity.
Quartz (Caesarstone and Silestone) and laminate (Formica), each with 13 percent of the countertop market, trail granite in popularity, followed closely by solid surfacing (DuPont Corian).
Granite still holds the top spot in looks, durability, heat-resistant and scratch resistant when properly sealed. So what’s so bad about the others?

According to Consumer Reports, “Marble, more porous than granite, is not as stain or heat resistant and scratches and chips easily. Limestone withstands heat very well, so scorch marks aren’t a problem, but this soft, porous material is easily sliced, nicked, and scratched; it also stains easily, even when properly sealed.”

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