Mower Not Working? Try This Simple Tip

Mowing season is upon us! Sure, sometimes yard work is labor-intensive, but there’s nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass. If you haven’t already taken your lawnmower for its first spin of 2011, you just might encounter a problem when you try to start the mower. Never fear–we have a quick fix!
Your mower may sputter or have difficulty starting the first time you use it after a long period of hibernation. Your first instinct may be to call in a professional, but hold off–and keep your wallet closed. Real Simple says the culprit may be stale gas that was left in the mower from the previous year.

To fix, dispose of the old fuel (make sure you contact your city or town’s officials for help in properly disposing the substance) and then fill your mower with new gas. You’ll probably have solved the problem and avoided a costly, unnecessary maintenance call.
What’s your take on mowing the lawn and yard work? Love it, hate it, or indifferent?

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