OakBridge Timber Framing Builds a Man Cave for the Ages


The Amish-artisans at OakBridge Timber Framing build custom homes of all types. Every home they build fits within their four core values of faith, family, community, and sustainability. We’re impressed with their latest build for a customer who’s a retired attorney with a passion for entertaining, woodworking (and beekeeping!)

Timber frame construction has been in existence for centuries, but in the age of slab and stick building it’s considered a niche technique. The Amish eschew most modern building tools and materials, instead they opt for hand tools and natural materials.

In their own words:
Some may call our hands-on manufacturing methods “dated”; we prefer “proven”. Each joint fitted, each newel cut, and each peg hole drilled by craftsmen who understand the wood, whose touch can sense any imperfections. Our use of hand tools and pneumatic powered saws allows us to maintain superior quality control while being environmentally conscious at the same time.

As long as people place value on quality and craftsmanship, there will always be a home to be built by OakBridge Timber Framing.

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