October Is The Best Month To Buy Appliances

The brilliant minds at Lifehacker are back with their “Best Things To Buy” list, and this month, kitchen appliances are one of the featured items.
Much like clothing and other stores swap out seasonal merchandise, appliance stores are trying to sell this year’s models in order to make way for next year’s hot items. For consumers, that means additional savings.

And if you come across a slightly dented or scratched floor model, you can lobby for an even bigger discount. Depending on the placement of the appliance in your kitchen, you may never see the small flaw but can still take advantage of impressive savings.
Before you head out in search of a prime deal, make sure you’ve taken the appropriate measurements within your kitchen so that you know your size limits. And if you happen to spy an EnergyStar appliance on sale, consider the investment. The immediate discount is icing on the cake compared to the long-term energy savings you’ll reap by purchasing a more efficient, sustainable model.
Are you in the market for any kitchen appliances? And have you found any deals in your area this month?
Photo by bossco

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