How To Prep Plaster Walls For Painting

If you live in a home built before World War II, chances are that you have plaster walls. If you’re considering painting your walls a new color, or simply refreshing the existing hue, here are some tips to help you properly prepare the surface prior to painting.
+ Remove any screws, nails and outlet covers. You’ll want to create a smooth, uninterrupted surface.

+ If you notice any loose pieces of plaster or, if applicable, wallpaper, gently scrape them off with a putty knife.
+ In order to prime the walls, opt for a pigmented shellac instead of a standard primer. This particular formula will help safeguard against moisture damage, which can wreak havoc on plaster walls.
+ Once the shellac has dried, carefully examine the wall for any dents, scratches or other imperfections. Use plaster patching if needed, and if you notice any cracks in the wall, fill them with a latex caulk.
+ Apply another coat of pigmented shellac over the repaired areas.
+ Once the shellac has thoroughly dried, begin applying your desired color of latex paint.
Do you have plaster walls in your home? If so, let us know any other tips you may have for painting or general maintenance against wear and tear.
Photo by dominicspics

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  • beth

    my husband built that garden box for me a few weeks ago and it sure is lovely! as always, thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  • The mother and I are currently in the process of redoing our kitchen! We’ll be putting up tin-type style ceiling panels (complete with coordinating egg and dart molding), getting stainless steel appliances (which we’re still picking out), and putting in tile flooring. We’re going to have a new light fixture installed and, for now at least, make do with the existing laminate countertops.

    We haven’t killed each other … yet. 🙂