Polaris 9650iQ Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner Review


Our new home has a pool! It’s crazy but true. We both grew up with swimming pools, but here in LA they aren’t as common as property and yards are much smaller. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to maintain our pool and the new Polaris 9650iQ Robotic Pool Cleaner has been a big help.

Maintaining a swimming pool is an easy task, but requires diligence and a bit of know-how when it comes to balancing the PH levels and chlorine. Regular brushing, skimming, and filter clearing are important, and the Polaris has proven to keep our pool clean the last few months.

polaris robot cleaner

Our backyard is full of trees—which we love, but they shed leaves, seeds, and berries, which eventually find their way into our pool. After a few days this debris sinks to the bottom and requires skimming to remove. With the Polaris setup and running, we’ve had to clear much less stuff and the bottom and sides of our pool are much cleaner. We still brush the pool regularly, but the Polaris also helps with keeping the surface clear of algae and dirt.

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The Polaris 9650iQ Sport robotic pool cleaner is the only robotic pool cleaner with built-in Wi-Fi that allows it to be controlled through the iAquaLink app. You can set/edit schedules or literally control the cleaner like you would control an RC car. You can access and control the 9650iQ Sport from anywhere through your phone or tablet. The all-wheel drive Polaris climbs the walls with ease and is easy to remove and store when not in use.


There is no need for extra hoses that plug into your filter system. The Polaris is self-contained and the powered base station is plugged into a standard AC outlet and all debris is swept into the onboard basket and then dumped when you are finished cleaning.

The Polaris 9650iQ is really a must-have accessory for any pool owner and it’s saved us a ton of time and energy cleaning the pool. 

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