Vosker V200 Review LTE Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

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There are many ways to improve your home security, but video surveillance remains the top choice and best deterrent. We’ve explored a few options, but the new Vosker V200 LTE wireless outdoor security camera looks like a winner.

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Solar Powered and Wi-Fi Free

The standout feature on the Vosker V200 is that it requires no AC power or Wi-Fi signal to operate. This makes it fully-functional in most remote locations. All it needs is an LTE mobile signal.

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The V200 is ideal for construction sites, vacation homes, rental properties, and most rural areas.

We’ve got the V200 setup to monitor our backyard. Specifically, it’s set up to take photos and video of anybody who trespasses at the back of our property. Our Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach out there and with the solar-powered V200 there is no need to run an extension cord.

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The LTE based mobile connectivity allows the camera to transmit photos to your phone and send mobile alerts. In the video mode setting, the camera records Full HD 1080p video with audio on the SD card only.

There is no livestreaming, so if you want to review a video you’ll need to open the unit and access the SD card.

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But if you enable the photo first option in the mobile app it will allow the camera to send a photo to your phone for every video recorded. This way you’ll know if the video is important enough for review.

The V200 isn’t tied down to a power source as it features a built-in solar panel for maximizing battery life, making it the ideal solution for off-the-grid usage or areas of your home that are without power.

You’ll need to charge the rechargeable pack with AC power before its first use, but then it can run on the included solar panel.

Other power options include 8 AA batteries or 12V external battery pack which is optional.

Easy Setup

To set up the Vosker V200 you just need to install the included preactivated SIM card, SD card, and mounting bracket.

You will need to initially charge the V200 for 48 hours before first using, or anytime after the camera has been sitting idle for a long period of time.

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Vosker has included a free starter plan that includes (100 photos/month) or you can test their 30-day trial unlimited plan. You can view all of their mobile security plans here.

Durable and Weather Resistant

The Vosker V200 is a well-built camera. I’d venture to say it is the most durable security camera you’ll find on the market.

The all black exterior is intimidating and hard to miss, which is a good thing, as you want your camera to serve as a deterrent. The V200 is packed with technology, but it’s no fragile piece of equipment.

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We’ve installed ours against a fence using the included strap. This high view capture anyone who comes onto our property and if they see the camera we also hope it serves as a deterrent.

We won’t be concerned about high winds or dusty conditions with this camera.

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Designed for the outdoors, the V200 is IP65 certified weather-resistant. That means it’s rated as “dust tight” and protected against water projected from a nozzle, which would represent the hardest of rainstorms.

Extreme temperatures are not a problem, as the V200 is capable of operating in a temperature range from 104 degrees F to -40 degrees F.

Smart Camera

It’s frustrating to receive alerts from your camera, and not know if it was set off by an animal running into view or an actual intruder on your property.

The Vosker V200 and Vosker App include a set of A.I. tools that Vosker calls, Vosker Sense. It can identify human or vehicle activity in the monitored area and analyzes all of the security camera photos. This will provide you with a more accurate picture of what is happening on your property.

We’ve got a lot of critters and birds that roam around our yard, so Vosker Sense should really cut back on any false alarms and really only warn us when it spots a person.

The App

Once you’ve set up your V200, everything you need will be available from the Vosker smartphone app.


Within the app settings you control everything including the mode, sensitivity, video length, and cellular transmissions. We have ours set to photo first so we get an instant alert if a person is spotted.

vosker status

A quick scan of the status screen ensures that the camera is active, that is has power, and that your memory card has enough room. Any issues that need attention will pop up here.


The photo section allows you to quickly scan the latest photos that the V200 has taken. With our photo first option, we will receive updates that the camera is taking 10 second videos of any movements by a person that it captures. Day or night, our V200 is always at the ready.

We initially had it setup on our patio where it captured these images and video.

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Now that we’ve moved it to our backyard, we fortunately haven’t seen anyone snooping around, yet.

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2 Year Warranty

Vosker is based in Quebec, Canada , and each camera includes a generous two-year warranty.

This is a major signal that the company stands behind their products and is proud of what they have built.

You can find the Vosker at select retailers or order online at Vosker.com. The V200 retails at $549.99.

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