Prep Your Home’s Security Before The Holidays

Oh, the holidays — such a magical time of year! And unfortunately, the latter half of November and December generally see a rise in home burglaries as a result of more people traveling out of town and the temptation of stealing valuable gifts.
We’ve designated November as Home Security Month at Charles & Hudson. Throughout November, you’ll read posts that detail the latest home security practices, tips and gadgets. We’ll also look at some inexpensive, inventive methods with which you can protect your home and family.

First up? A quick primer. Before your schedule fills with holiday obligations, take a few moments to check on (and, if needed, update) your home’s security. Here are a few tips:
+ Place a dowel in a sliding glass door or window. This simple, inexpensive piece of wood will go a long way in preventing the door or window from being forced open.
+ Trim branches and shrubs around the house to maximize visibility, and ensure that all of your outside lights are in working order.
+ If you’re traveling, consider putting a few lights (and even your television) on timers. They can activate for a few hours in the evening, providing the illusion that someone is home.
Stay tuned for home security coverage throughout the month, and in the meantime, feel free to share your own security tips and must-haves with us.
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