Top Picks For Kitchen Paint Colors

Research shows that homeowners are spending more time in the kitchen, opting for open floor plans that blend living and kitchen space to create a hybrid room that’s ideal for both relaxation and meal preparation. If you’re spending more time in the kitchen, we hope it’s the room of your dreams–and that includes the perfect paint color.
Picking a paint color for your kitchen can be tricky! You’ll want to factor in your existing cabinets, hardware, tile and other visible elements, but these are often versatile and can work with a variety of hues. We’ve compiled some info, whether you’re shopping by trend or appetite, to help you make a decision.
Trend watch: 2011
Paint trends are like fashion trends. They get a lot of publicity and can certainly help drive a look, but at the end of the day, it’s OK to not jump on every trend wagon if you prefer a more classic, neutral look.
If you’re interested in this year’s trends, however, we’ve found some inspiration. Benjamin Moore’s kitchen palette combines earth-inspired hues with “farm brights.” Think reddish brown, straw or marble white combined with purple rain, sun valley or grassy fields.
“The 2011 kitchen color palette draws inspiration from colors found in local farmers’ markets and farms all across the country,” according to Benjamin Moore.
On the lighter side, Behr recommends their 2011 palette, “Danish Twist,” as an ideal group of hues for kitchen cabinets and walls. The palette includes “whites, neutrals and eco-aware accent colors” that make “modern rooms feel relaxed and clean,” according to Behr.

An appetite for color
There’s no denying that a lot of eating takes place in the kitchen! Do your paint colors have anything to do with influencing your appetite? A lot of experts say yes. Think about fast food restaurants — they all use red, yellow and orange in their signage and decor. Why? Because these colors are said to increase your appetite.
Yet when used in small doses, the colors are less likely to have an effect on your eating habits. Injecting a neutral paint scheme with pops of color is an easy way to update the kitchen. Or, if you want to use a bright color but are afraid to commit to the whole room, try painting an accent wall. You can also use the same hue family, but a lighter or darker shade. A pale yellow can be a beautiful way to infuse warmth and light into the room, and pairs well if you have natural wood and/or granite in your kitchen.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, blue is said to help decrease your appetite. We’ve noticed a range of blue hues popping up in kitchens, and the effect can range from dramatic to classy, depending on the shade you choose. An icy blue can be tempered with white or gray accents, while a dramatic blue can be boldly inspiring when paired with crisp white cabinets, subway tile and stainless steel faucets and appliances.
Do you have plans to paint your kitchen this year? If so, what color will you choose?
Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

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