Quick Tip? Install A Furnace Filter Whistle

That’s right — now, your furnace can whistle while it works! Or, rather, doesn’t work, as the furnace filter whistle emits noise when your furnace filter is 50 percent clogged.
Knowing when to change your furnace filter can go a long way in maximizing your system’s performance. When the filter is dirty or clogged, it can have a negative impact on the furnace’s energy efficiency, and, as a result, you may see higher energy costs.

For a mere $1.69, this may be the cheapest–and easiest–DIY project you tackle this year! The whistle will also ensure that you don’t change your furnace filter too often. In prior decades, HVAC professionals recommended a monthly filter change, but with today’s filters, that period of time can extend to at least three months, if not more.
Photo courtesy of AM Conservation Group

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