Removing Wallpaper From A Ceiling

We’re the first to admit that we have a small obsession with wallpapered ceilings. From the seemingly impossible task of hanging the paper, to the cool effects you can create, to the quick-fix change it can add to a room, we’re dying to give a try ourselves. However, in some cases, wallpaper on the ceiling can be not only an eyesore, but also a completely intimidating project to undo.
So we’ve compiled a simple list of tools, supplies, and steps needed to help you get that paper down to the ground.
Project Supplies
Rubber gloves
Eye protection
Plastic sheets
Paint bucket(s)
Spray bottle
Stir stick
Hot water
Liquid fabric softener
Baking soda
Measuring cup
Wallpaper remover (containing reactive enzymes)
White distilled vinegar
Perforation tool
Broad knife

This is going to get messy. Remove everything possible from the room, and cover what isn’t with heavy plastic sheets.
First Pass
Armor up with your gloves & eye gear since you’ll be working with varying chemicals. Start with putting the liquid fabric softener into the spray bottle, and while on the stepladder, spray away. Keep going until the ceiling is completely saturated.
Bust Out The Big Guns
The first step was just to get everything sticky — now you’re going to do some real work.
Pour three gallons of hot water into a bucket. Then add the entire bottle of wallpaper remover along with ¼-cup of fabric softener. Stir the mixture until combined, then add two tablespoons of baking soda to the mixture, stirring throughout. Use the perforation tool to break the surface of the ceiling wallpaper BEFORE using the paintbrush to paint the mixture over the entire ceiling, starting at a corner. When you are finished, paint the ceiling again, starting at the same place where you began the first time.
Tear Down That Paper
Allow the mixture to sit for the long side of 15 minutes. Start at one side of the ceiling and use the broad knife to scrape off the strips of ceiling wallpaper in the same direction as you applied the remover prior. As each piece comes loose, remove it. And repeat ad nauseum until all the paper is on the ground.
Scrape the Gunk Off
You still need to remove the adhesive, silly goose! Apply the wallpaper remover to the ceiling with a paintbrush a la two steps ago. After several minutes, wipe the adhesive away with a sponge. Mix 1 cup vinegar to one gallon of water, and then sponge it on the ceiling. This should get rid of any leftover adhesive.
And you should be done! The only thing you have to decide now is what to do with your ceiling … it is your fifth wall, after all.

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