Review: Dremel 8200 12V Cordless Rotary Tool


Dremel has a unique distinction within the tool industry as being a undisputed leader in its class with no real challengers. When you need a Dremel you need a Dremel and sometimes its hard to imagine working without one.

We recently tested the latest their latest product the Dremel 8200 12V cordless rotary tool. This bad boy runs on a lithium-ion battery and its heft and solid construction portray an extremely solid and durable tool.

The Good
The cordless convenience of this tool was extremely helpful. Jobs that require a Dremel are often fine tuning and require maximum movement and are to work with and it’s nice to know that with this tool you won’t get tangled up.

The variable speed switch is easy to use and many times with multi-speed switches we like cranking it up but this one was so powerful that we felt more comfortable testing it at lower RPM’s. It’s capable of spinning from 5,000 to 30,000 RPM.

Battery meter is a very handy indicator and Dremel states this lithium-ion battery will last 6x longer than a typical Ni-Cad battery.

Accessories with plentiful and there are more than enough sanding, polishing and cutting attachments.

The Bad
As stated above this lithium-ion battery should last a long time but we used it to cut some PVC at an extremely high speed and it started to wear down after about 40 minutes of intense use. The battery was fully charged but we suspect the job may have been a bit too tough for this tool as any tool as it’s limitations.

Although we love the solid construction of this tool it definitely comes at a costs to weight as it seems to be on the hefty side. The nice comfortable grip requires a strong wrist and hand to support the weight of the Dremel. For lighter jobs you should consider their 10.8V Dremel cordless as it’s much more manageable.

Every amateur to serious DIY enthusiast should have a Dremel as part of their power tool arsenal and we see a ton of everyday applications for the Dremel 8200. The power of this device is amazing and the variable speed switch allows you to easily maintain control.

It comes in a handy carrying case and even includes a metal loop to hang store it.

More specs:
* Variable speed from 5,000 to 30,000 rpm provides maximum control and precision
* Separate on/off switch and speed control retains speed setting for the perfect speed every time
* Quick collet lock for fast accessory changes
* Cool-running ball bearing construction for smooth and quiet operation
* Comfort grip housing for easier handling and better tool control
* Compact and lightweight for easier handling and less fatigue
* Battery fuel gauge lets you know when it’s time to recharge
* High-capacity 12V MAX Lithium-ion battery for longer run times
* Always Ready–Lithium-ion battery holds a charge 6 times longer than standard NiCad batteries.
* Two-year warranty
* Battery Lithium-Ion Battery
* Charge Time 1 hour
* Speed Variable, 5,000 – 30,000 RPM
* Voltage 12V Max DC
* Weight (lbs.) 22 oz / 0.62 kg



More photos of the Dremel 8200 in action.

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  • Very interesting. I will bookmark and give these a try if it ever happens to me! Thanks.

  • bravelittlesoul

    I’ll have to try this instead of my usual “magazine stack/vase over the stain” technique. Great tips!

  • shriek

    vegetable oil should also work.

  • M.M.

    I have used mixture of mayo and baking soda. Gently working the stain out as best I could. I then applied hair dryer from about 10 inches away. Stain completely gone. Finished off with a good polish and it is like new.

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  • I’ve heard of using toothpaste and baking soda for removing water stain circles, but I have never heard of using mayonnaise on such stains. Great tips!

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  • Does mayo really work on water stain circles? I’ve heard that toothpaste is doing a pretty good job, but I have never heard of someone using mayo.

  • Trameghin

    You guys are lifesavers. Actually. There was a huge water stain on my kitchen table and if my parents found it, they would have slaughtered me. Luckily, the toothpaste did the trick.

  • Helpful pictures.  Its easier to visualize the process of removing beverage circles from a dining room table in such an easy fashion.  Great post.

  • I’ve heard of using toothpaste and baking soda for removing water stain
    circles, but I have never heard of using mayonnaise on such stains.
    Great tips!

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  • I never knew that my favorite mayo can be used for cleaning water stains on furniture. I’ll try it if I happen to see one on our table.

  • Thanks for the information as we all are aware of the fact that in today’s time most of t he people make the use of wood furniture and this post really going to help those people in keeping their furniture safe.

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    I honestly never expected that hodgepodge mix of items to be effective stain removers. If anything, at least they’ll save the trouble and money involved with buying a commercial remover.

  • Solid Wood means that all exposed parts of the furniture are made of solid board, either softwood or hardwood lumber. No veneers or particle boards are used. 

  • Flor

    I use the tooth paste it works so good thank you genius

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