RoboReel the Death Star of Garden Hoses


I don’t often use Star Wars references when explaining a home product but one of the comments from our Instagram video of the RoboReel hit the nail on the head.

The RoboReel is huge (not that it’s a bad thing). When the unit arrived on our doorstep from FedEx freight I was honestly shocked by how big it was considering what I thought was simply a robotic water hose. But after unpacking the unit I realized the RoboReel is so much more.

Yes, the RoboReel solves the basic problem of tangled water hoses. The hose rollups that you crank work but you can still get a twisted hose and it does require some physical exertion which for seniors might be too much. With the touch of a button either on the remote at the end of the hose or from a button on top of the unit, the 100-150′ hose is reeled in at a slow and methodical pace.


Not only does it automatically reel the hose it, it has a power-assist for pulling the hose out and the 360 degree moving top also ensures you can reach any corner of your  yard without crimping the hose.

There are 5  spray attachments for the hose that connect easily without screwing on. We prefer the all-in one nozzle but if you need a stronger stream or higher volume of water you can switch it out.


The unit has a drop-in rechargeable battery that powers the RoboReel and the water on/off switch takes 4 AA batteries. Everything is sealed tight and waterproof including the water remote which controls water flow, water timer, day schedule and automatic hose reel.

RoboReel comes with a 4 year/4,000 wind guarantee and judging by the impressive build quality it’s made to last.

Even though the RoboReel comes with a pull strap and has four large wheels to roll on, it’s not made to be pulled around the yard. It works best when it’s placed in a semi-permanent area and with a 100-150′ hose it should reach areas of even the largest yards.

Here’s are a couple videos of the RoboReel in action and you can purchase it online for $700.

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