Keep Clean with the Ryobi Electric Pressure Washer

We have been in dire need of a pressure washer at our new house. The easiest way to clean our patio, outdoor furniture, and exterior walls and windows, is with a pressure washer. We’ve used a gas powered washer in the past and we really dislike the fumes and dealing with fuel. Which is why this electric pressure washer from Ryobi looks like the perfect solution.

The Ryobi 2300 PSI pressure washer has plenty of power to clean our most stubborn stains and dirt, but it is still small enough to store in our utility closet and the sound doesn’t disturb the neighbors. Ryobi has a full-line of pressure washers that includes gas and electric powered pressure washers available at Home Depot.

Our Ryobi 2300 came with nozzles, water hose, and everything else we needed to fire it up straight out of the box. Pressure washers are much more water efficient than just running a hose, and they are 100 times more effective when cleaning. It doesn’t get any easier than the push button start, and the large wheels and sturdy handle, allow you to take this washer with you anywhere.

The large soap container is handy and the spray gun is lightweight and easy to use. We also dropped it a couple times on the ground with no issues.

If you need a basic but solid pressure washer for cleaning up around the house, you won’t regret buying the Ryobi.

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