Safety Tips When Throwing out Christmas Trash

A pile of trash stacked on the curbside. Seems rather innocent, doesn’t it? Yet you may want to monitor what’s in the trash before you haul it outside.
Now is the time of year for gifts, and often, that means receiving big ticket items: flat-screen TVs, gaming systems and other electronic equipment. By leaving these large, conspicuous boxes outside of your home, you’re announcing to potential thieves what they may find should they decide to break in.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to stockpile all the packaging from these pricey items! Instead, consider breaking down the boxes so that the labels aren’t obvious. And, if you can quickly haul them away to a cardboard or other recycling facility, that’s even better.
That’s the great thing about home security. Sure, the gadgets and alarms add another layer of protection. But most of the time, keeping your home safe is all about common sense and making slight modifications in your daily habits.
Do you have any other tips for fending off potential home invaders? We’re all ears!
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