Samsung Unveils LCD Fridge With Apps

With the prevalence of touchscreen, app-based products continuing to dominate the market, it was only a matter of time before an enterprising mind applied this technology to appliances.
Samsung has introduced a refrigerator complete with an 8-inch WiFi-supported LCD screen that features 8 apps: Memos, Photos, Epicurious, Calendar, Weatherbug, AP, Pandora and Twitter. Jordan Crook has the full scoop for CrunchGear, including her thoughts after testing the fridge at a launch event.
The memo function is great for writing notes, grocery lists and other handy reminders that you’d normally post on your refrigerator. And with Epicurious, you have a huge recipe library at your fingertips; never again will you be stumped by that constant question, “What’s for dinner?” You can search by ingredient, cuisine, meal, dietary preference and other parameters. Sounds simple, right? Now we just need an app that will actually prepare the meal!

Over time, refrigerators have also served as art and photo displays, which makes the Photos app a perfect addition. You can upload photos directly from a WiFi-enabled camera or another WiFi device and run photos as a slideshow on the LCD screen.
Ready to add some technology to your kitchen? The LCD fridge will set you back $3,499 for a four-door model, or $2,699 for a two-door model, and both are available at retailers like Best Buy and Lowe’s.
What’s your take on the LCD fridge? Will you purchase one for your home? Or are you satisfied with an app-free model?
Photo courtesy of Samsung

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