Searching For Inventive Wall Art? Try Ixxi!

It’s confession time, C&H readers. When I was younger, I used to unabashedly decorate my bedroom walls using posters pulled from magazines and Scotch tape. Lots and lots of tape. I may or may not have drawn a few designs on my wall using puff paint, too. As you can imagine, my parents were THRILLED!
Now that I’m older and (a little) more mature, I can appreciate how framed, properly displayed art can give your home a sense of polish and panache. If you’re struggling with what type of art you’d like to display, consider eliminating the guesswork in favor of a brilliant solution: Ixxi.
Ixxi is “a modular connecting system” that allows you to make your own photo enlargement or photo collage. Simply upload the desired image to Ixxi and select the size of the resulting image. If you prefer, you can select an image from Ixxi’s large imagebank that includes art and photography.

Your creation will then be sent to you, complete with everything you need to install your custom wall art. You can opt to attach your Ixxi creation to the wall or, using a standard curtain rail, can install your Ixxi as an inventive room divider.
Thanks to Kate for introducing us to this brilliant product over at Design*Sponge. It’s definitely on our must-try list.
What do you think of Ixxi? If you decide to create your own custom image, we’d love to see pictures of the results!
Photo courtesy of Ixxi

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