ShetkaStone Goes From Cradle to Cradle

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Are you looking for a product that’s recycled with a capital “R?” The recycled paper countertops from ShetkaStone will deliver. For the kitchen, bath, laundry room and even in the boardroom, this counter (or tabletop) is impressive.
Similar to this PaperStone product, ShetkaStone is made using 100 percent post-consumer or post-industrial recycled fibers. Stuff like cardboard, paper, envelopes, newsprint, retired U.S. currency and other paper products are used in the manufacturing process.
Yes, I said currency. How cool is that? Money built into my kitchen counter.

More Details on the Make Up
According to their website, ShetkaStone can contain from 55 to 90 percent recycled content. The amount depends on your color choice. I wonder if a green counter (color-wise) will have a higher recycled content?
To bind all the of paper fibers together into a durable, hard surface, ShetkaStone uses plaster, paper glues or plastic polyester. And to seal the surface, a zero VOC topical sealant is generally recommended.
Cradle To Cradle
Probably the most impressive thing about this product is the fact that it’s recyclable in itself. This doesn’t mean you can throw it in the blue box during your next kitchen reno. But it does mean that ShetkaStone will take back the counter and recycle it into another product, keeping the green momentum alive.
Very nice touch.
Other Stats
ShetkaStone comes with a seven-year warranty. It will also help rack up the LEED points for your building project, should that be a concern.
Located in Minnesota, this company has a unique history and a fabulous, truly green product.
Photo courtesy of ShetkaStone

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