Should You Paint Your Roof White?

During the sweltering days of summer, painting your roof white seems like a fantastic idea. The idea is to make your roof more reflective so that it doesn’t absorb as much heat, which will keep your house cooler–and likely lower your energy bills, too.
If you aren’t due for a new roof, you can consider painting your shingles. Yet before you take the plunge, here are a few things to consider.
*Roofing type: If you have a composite or asphalt shingle roof (as most people do), you’ll be able to paint it. Clay, concrete and metal may be more difficult to paint, so you might want to consult a local roofing expert before proceeding with your project.
*Budget: Roofing paint isn’t cheap. It averages $35/gallon, and you’ll need a lot. Measure your roof to help decide how much paint you’ll need. And keep in mind that your roof will require two coats of paint, so you may want to double your initial price to ensure you have enough paint. You’ll find that roofing paint has a limited availability, and you’ll likely need to order by mail, which means you should factor shipping costs into your price, too.

*When to paint: Obviously you’ll want to avoid roof painting during the middle of a heat wave like we’re having now. If you can, paint on a cooler day when the temperature ranges between 70 and 85 and the humidity is relatively low. Be sure to check for any chance of rain, too, as you’ll want to make sure the paint has adequate time to dry.
What do you think about painting your roof? Or white roofs in general?
Photo via Low Impact Living

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