SKIL iXO VIVO – Cordless Screwdriver and Corkscrew


The SKIL iXO compact powered screwdriver is an extremely handy tool to keep in your home for light duty work.

Features include:

4V Max power with 20% longer run time*
Compact, Powerful and Lightweight
SiteLight LED Work Light for better visibility
Forward/Reverse LED Indicator shows drilling direction
Lithium-Ion Power Battery holds charge up to 18 months

SKIL has introduced a unique corkscrew attachment for the iXO and will sell it in a kit called the VIVO.


You simply remove the foil from the wine bottle. Attach the corkscrew remover to the drill then slide it down over the bottle. Squeeze the bottle and press the trigger to insert corkscrew then pull it out. It’s a handy and easy to use feature and it works much better than some of those other powered corkscrew removers. Why not have your corkscrew remover also double as your palm-sized screwdriver.

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