Copy Cat Chic: Decor And Furnishings That Won’t Break The Bank

Maybe you’re trying to set up house for guests this holiday season. Maybe you’re in the middle of a room renovation and the budget’s a wee too tight to get the ideal piece of furniture. Or maybe you’re just always on the lookout for a great deal to add to your home’s decor.
While we all wish we could just walk into any store (or upload any website) and purchase any piece of furniture we desire, sadly that isn’t the reality for the majority of us. And while the adventurous DIY’er may want to just build a look-alike piece themselves, sometimes time, tools, and supplies don’t leave much room for the effort. So what do you do when you need a piece of furniture that looks great, is of quality, but won’t break the bank?

We thought we’d share another one of our favorite, best-kept-secret design blogs, Copy Cat Chic. The premise is simple: the author Reichel Broussard, a freelance interior designer and former marketing employee of multiple brands, scours the Internet for knock-offs of popular (and generally very expensive) home furnishing brands. Then she posts the inspiration piece and her “finds” on her blog, including links to all products involved.
Reichel’s eye for style is broad and wide, so no matter if you’re looking for mid-century modern pieces, American traditional, vintage French, or anything in between, you’re sure to find it on Copy Cat Chic. Also, she makes mood boards for readers upon request for a small fee, and directs individual item requests to her Facebook page, where all the readers of Copy Cat Chic can help each other find the best deals. She’s not shy to post the best finds from other readers on the blog front page, either, with proper credit of course.
So if you’re in the market for some furniture that looks like a million bucks but definitely doesn’t cost it, check out Reichel and Copy Cat Chic to help you in your quest. As always, please let us know your furniture buying secrets and prized possessions in the comments below — maybe we can start to help each other furnish our homes as well!
photo/source: Copy Cat Chic

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