Small Space Must-Have: Swivel Casters

One of the cool things about living in a small space is that it tests the bounds of your creativity. You’ll need clever storage solutions, thoughtful furniture arrangements and pieces that can do double-duty to help you maximize every inch of a petite abode.
A minor addition to existing furniture can help transform it to a small-space workhorse. Pick up swivel casters from your local hardware store and attach them to pieces like a kitchen or dining room table or desk. Once they’re secure, you can easily wheel these items to other parts of your home, giving you the work or entertaining space you need without the downside of manual labor.
Of course, the swivel casters are ideal on hardwoods, tile or other hard flooring surfaces, but a good solid push will move them across carpets, too. And if you’re worried about the furniture moving while it’s in use, don’t fret–the casters will lock, allowing you to secure the piece in place until it’s time to move again.

At just a few bucks a piece, swivel casters are an economical way to make some of your furniture pieces more convenient, enhancing your space without overfilling a small area with excess furnishings that will ultimately cramp your quarters. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes, meaning you’ll likely find a caster that works with your particular piece of furniture.
If you live in a small space, we’d love to hear other DIY tricks for making the most of your square footage!

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