Snow Peak Fireplace and Grills Will Elevate Your Camping Experience

snow peak

Snow Peak was founded in the 1950’s in Japan with a focus on mountaineering gear, but has since evolved to make the best-looking camping equipment you’ll find anywhere.

We’re especially enamored by the Snow Peak fireplaces and grills. Japanese design aesthetic and high-quality are infused across the line of Snow Peak camping gear, and the best examples are with their Takibi Fire & Grill and soon to be released Pack & Carry Fireplace SR.

takibi snow peak

The lightweight Takibi is made of stainless steel and folds flat for easy transportation. It can be used to cook full meals while backpacking or overlanding. When you’re done cooking it can serve as a firepit to provide warmth and a centerpiece to your campsite.

The soon to be released Pack & Carry Fireplace SR offers the same benefits of the Takibit but in a smaller package. It’s specifically designed for the solo camper who needs a cooking platform and bonfire.


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