SOG Flash II Knife Review

We’ve got a thing for handy no-nonsense knives so it makes sense that we fell in love with the SOG Flash II so quickly.
From the comfortable handle to the serrated edge, there are a number of small details that make this knife perform big.
The black matte, glass-reinforced Zytel handle is sleek and has finger cutaways to improve grip and comfort. The beveled surface keeps the knife securely in your hand and makes it easy to operate the thumb opener with one hand.

The safety is big and bright red so with a quick glance you know if it’s on or off and the belt clip is a handy addition so a knife holder isn’t required and you don’t have to fumble for the Flash II in your pocket.
Last but certainly not least is the blade. We’ve also got the SOG with the straight edge but much prefer the versatility the half serrated blade offers. The blade locks into place with the patented S.A.T. (SOG Assisted Technology) functionality and it definitely feels like it would never close unless the side switch is released.
This knife would be a welcome addition to any household and particularly helpful on any outdoor excursion or camping, hunting, fishing trip.
We did a brief video breakdown of this knife with the help of Gray Gubler who shows us how to open it “tactical style”.

The SOG Flash II is priced at $72 but is now available at some retailers for $39.99.
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